Science Club

Our Science club motivates the students to take innovative science projects that are exhibited in science exhibitions in the city. This helps to bring out the innovative minds of the school in the limelight.

Social Science Club

Social Science club helps the students to gain knowledge of National and International affairs and events to enable them to participate in various G.K Tests. Various competitive tests are conducted by this club, to develop the general knowledge of our students. Students are also given proper guidance by the teachers.

Mathematics club

This club guides the students to participate in various Talent tests including All India Mathematics Association. This helps the students in increasing their logical thinking capability that is much needed for competitive exams.

Literary Association

The Literary Association nurtures the inherent language skills of the students and helps them to participate in various competitions both in English and Tamil. Founder’s day, Children’s day and Teacher’s day are celebrated in a grand manner with the efforts of the Literary association.

Fine Arts club

Our Radio club GEM is functioning very well and helps the students to enhance their skill in Fine Arts. We also present education programs for Chennai / Kovai Radio stations and Gnanavani FM.

Commerce Club

The clubs imparts knowledge in commerce and Accountancy and trains the students to do their project works efficiently.

Consumer club

This club creates awareness about the consumer rights in our country amongst the students and teachers of the School.

Book Bank

Our School has a Book Bank to help the students in need. It actively helps a lot of deserving students to make use of the repository of books that are available in the Book Bank.

Physical Education

“Sound Body in a Sound Mind”

Physical Education is imparted to students to make them physically fit. Mass drill is conducted once in a week. Our students have shown their prowess in sports in various district and state athletic events and they have made our school proud.